When I cook in iceland, I get excited about all of the fantastic seafood. The freshest and best in the world. The Icelandic Lamb is the most flavorful lamb on the planet.

I like my food to be clean and simple. - Chef Friðgeir Helgason

Looking at Hótel Flatey - the dark red house - from across the harbor during high tide.

Freshly caught scallops, seared with braised fennel and apple shallot relish.

Rosemary crusted lamb loin with carrot ribbons, roasted beats, lamb jus and truffled potato purée.

The garden at Hótel Flatey.

Braised pork belly with stone ground grits, sauerkraut, and apple smoked bacon.

Hótel Flatey fish soup with mussels, arctic char, and cod.

Looking out over Breiðafjörður from Flatey Island.

Roasted pork with stone ground grits and local dried seaweed.

Fresh lamb with potato gratin, fresh herbs from the garden and demiglasse

Flateyjarkirkja on Flatey Island.

Shellfish ceviche on baby tacos with fresh greens from the garden.

Sumac cured arctic char with apples, carrot ribbons, radishes and dill dressing.

Chef Friðgeir Helgason (left) with Guðmundur from Eyjólfs hus just getting back from a fishing trip. Chef Friðgeir is wearing his Icelandic lopapeysa that his Amma knit for him.

Dinner for the President of Iceland, Guðni Jóhannesson. Lovage crusted Icelandic cod with freshly picked sorrel sauce, carrot ribbons and dried local seaweed from the coast of Flatey.

House smoked puffin with rhubarb jam, red cabbage and homemade Icelandic rugbrauð.

The view of the North Atlantic Ocean from the kitchen window of Hótel Flatey.

A boat in the harbor.

Chef Friðgeir Helgason in the kitchen at Hótel Flatey.

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